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Conflict of Interest (COI) Declaration Template

Conflict of Interest (COI) Declaration Template

Conflicts of interest needs to be promptly identified and managed in order to ensure fairness within the procurement process. Any conflict of interests, be it a perceived conflict of interest or otherwise, should be formally declared, and the employee with said conflict of interest must be disqualified from further participation in the procurement process.


Full disclosure from employees regarding any possible conflict of interests can be obtained by having them complete a declaration form. A declaration form should be completed by all employees involved in the procurement process before any financial commitments are made to an external supplier. A declaration of conflicts of interest form can be downloaded here, which can be used immediately after inputting your organisation’s details.


Alternatively, an eProcurement software, such as ThunderQuote Enterprise, can automatically detect and ensure your users fill in COI Declarations automatically without you having to worry. Find out more here.