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Purchase Order (PO) Template

Purchase Order (PO) Template

A purchase order helps businesses keep track of their purchases, eliminating any rooms for errors such as incorrect quantities, or overbilling.


The main purpose of a purchase order is to provide clear communication between buyers and vendors, minimising the room for misunderstanding. As such, purchase orders should be clear and simple.


A good purchase order should contain the following: a purchase order number and date for tracking purposes, contact information, order details, delivery instructions, as well as any terms and conditions.


Ideally, purchase orders from an organisation should be standardised to ensure that no required details are lacking. A standardised purchase order form (downloadable here) also facilitates the process of ensuring that purchases are fulfilled properly and also provides auditors with a conclusive paper trail and an easy way to cross-check invoices and packing slips.


Alternatively, an eProcurement software, such as ThunderQuote Enterprise, can generate a purchase order automatically while providing visible audit trails for greater productivity and transparency. Find out more here.