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Unsure about your vendors’ capabilities?

Use TQ-MyFinB reports to analyse your procurement risks and optimise your supply chain today!

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ThunderQuote-MyFinB makes it easy to hire the right B2B vendors with intelligent due diligence reports!

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Be matched with suitable vendors who will submit their custom quotes within 2-3 working days!

2. Assess your vendors easily!

Unsure about your suppliers’ ability to deliver fully? Get reports to verify their financial capabilities.

3. Hire the right vendor

When you are ready, hire the best verified vendor to do what you need at the right price.

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Why MyFinB?

MyFinB reports provides due diligence in procurement and helps in basically mitigating and managing risks in your supply chain. MyFinB helps you smoothen the process of independently verifying a supplier’s financial capability to deliver fully against their contract. It is generally done at the stage of final evaluation/negotiation and throughout the life of the contract, if  need be.


ThunderQuote is a B2B services marketplace connecting businesses with trusted local service providers. As an independent third-party, we provide buyer guidance for pre-sales project scoping and market rate data, while generating genuine, high intent and qualified leads for vendors.


We believe in making both procurement and lead generation simple and easy for all businesses, allowing you to focus on what’s important. ThunderQuote believes in helping your business find anything it requires to grow and connecting you to trusted partners, whether it is for services or new customers.


Our clients include organizations such as NTUC, ST Kinetics, Singapore Press Holdings, Singtel, e27 and many more.


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MyFinB makes deep financial analytics using proprietary Artificial Intelligence more accessible and potable for all users to conduct financial assessments and receive recommendations on a web-to-mobile platform.


We enable customers to predicts trends and financial outcomes and gain truly actionable insights for business decisions that will substantially improve overall financial performance and value of their business.


Government agencies, banks, corporation, SMEs, investors, trade associations and many others use MyFinB system-generated products and services.


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