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Looking For Mobile App Development Services

Service Category: Mobile App Development
Type of Vendor requested: Registered Business / Freelancer
Budget: Above $9500
Date Posted:
Time frame: Within 6 months
Purpose of Enquiry: I need a vendor
Purchasing Role of the Requester:Purchase decision will require the approval of a superior
RFQ reference number:RFQ-1483719593-13344

What does the buyer wish to accomplish through this project?:

We are trying to build a mobile application for peer tutoring services for students. The application's use is for connecting tutors and tutees so they can set up consultation sessions.

Project Details & Specifications:

Unfortunately I am not too clear on certain things for IT projects, I can only be as clear as possible on the things that I know. The reality is that this might be much further off than what I estimated. There are already UI screens designed for the application, what is required now would be the development.

No. of Screens: 10-15

Manhours estimated: Maybe 720 - 800

Modules and features needed:
- Login feature, connected with NTU's database
- Customized search feature/function with logic to make recommendations based on a student's profile type
- Listing Page
- Profile information
- Rating feature
- Messaging in-app
- Push notifications
- Simple Appointment/Reservation/Booking system (This is actually a simplified system, but would like to consult on it first)
- Camera/Video for messaging in-app
- Possible 3rd party and API integration
- Backend system to collect data
- Backend system for administrators to put up listings
- Feedback system

Would like to eventually build this on both iOS and android natively, but for now probably just iOS first. Alternatively a hybrid was considered, but as there are future features that only run smoothly when coded natively, the apps are required to be native. It would be good to have some advice on this if possible.

Additional Requirements:

– A customized search feature like what the app BizzBy does, with a certain logic in place (
– A rating feature similar to what Uber does
– Connection to database
– Building an appointment/booking feature onto the in-app messaging part

Buyer Contact Details:

Name: **** **** *****
Company: ****** ***** *** ***
Contact Number : +** **** ****

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