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Looking For Mobile App Development Services

Service Category: Mobile App Development
Type of Vendor requested: Registered Business Only
Budget: Above $16500
Date Posted:
Time frame: Within 6 months
Purpose of Enquiry: I'm checking on prices for purchase consideration
Purchasing Role of the Requester:The final decision maker
RFQ reference number:RFQ-1490008030-20786

What does the buyer wish to accomplish through this project?:

The Company Platform (iOS, Android, and Web App) will be developed as a marketplace where Dive Service Providers (DSPs) can list and market their Dive Packages. The goal of the platform is to take care of all the technological needs for DSPs allowing them to be more effective in providing their clients an
amazing experience.

Project Details & Specifications:

The platform will have these main elements.

Plug and Play Setup for DSPs
DSPs will be able to sign up on the platform and create a dedicated page for their Dive Center
with just a few clicks. The setup will be just like creating a Facebook profile, or an Instagram
account with an easy to fill template. They will be given options to upload media to our
pre-generated page templates, allowing them to personalize their Dive Center pages. This
feature will enable them to create a web presence for their Dive Center in just a few minutes.

DSP Dashboard
DSPs will have access to a dashboard which will allow them to post new content, track the
signups for their packages and see what equipment the Divers may have requested. DSPs can
also be given the ability to track the traffic and conversion rates of their packages..

Featured and Sponsored Slots
DSPs will also be able to submit their package to be listed in the Featured sections of the platform and the platform newsletter. In addition to the Featured slot listings, DSPs will have the option to advertise on the Company Platform in the various sponsored slots.

The Dive Marketplace
This will be the platforms front-end marketplace for various dive packages and courses listed by
DSPs. Divers will be able to browse through the marketplace and pick the packages they would
like to book.

Users will have to sign-up on the platform to book a package. As part of the sign-up process,
they will be able to create a diver profile. The profile will consist of information about the
equipment they need, other required information and may include interest based questions such
as the location the user likes for diving. This profile information will allow the Company Platform's genius system to show the most relevant and personalized packages to the user.

Additionally, the user will be able to keep track of their purchase history, dive wishlist, and
general profile information.

Review System
Divers will be able to leave feedback for the dive package they purchased and attended. The
review will including a 5 star rating system based on the following categories:
- Professionalism
- Safety
- Equipment
- Communication
- Friendliness

Additionally, the divers will be able to add text remarks and photos.

Search with Map and Filters similar to AirBnB
Divers will be able to search packages for a specific destination in a specified date range. The
results will be displayed similar to AirBnB on the left, while a maps module will display the
location of the Dive Packages providing those packages. Filters will be available to further drill down and narrow results to the users specific needs.

Compare Module
Divers will be able to compare dive packages from various providers up to 5 packages at a time.

Curated and Interest Based Package Suggestions
The Company Platform will have a genius functionality which will allow it to suggest more
relevant packages to the diver by utilizing the data from diver’s search and purchase history on the platform.

Payment Module
The Divers will pay the Company for their bookings. Company will then disburse payment to the
DSPs on a pre-determined schedules or ad-hoc. The payment gateway and payment
disbursement methods are to TBD.

Company Administrators
Company Administrators will have a dashboard where they will be able to manage user roles such as Company moderators, DSPs, Divers etc. The Company Administrators will also be able to view analytics data for the platform and for each DSP. The Company Administrators will have the ability to choose certain dive packages as featured packages. Finally, the Company Administrators will be able to approve ad requests by DSPs to list their packages in the sponsored slots on the Company Platform.

Company Platform Support
User support is essential for a platform like this. We will use the Intercom platform for support,
FAQ, live chat, and client management.

Company Platform Servers, Stack, Maintenance
The Company Platform needs to be reliable, fast, secure and user friendly. We should not have
any downtime. However, it is the internet, and in a case we do have downtime, we should have
proper BCP and Maintenance team on board to identify and resolve the issue while ensuring
future prevention. For Servers we will likely go with a combination of AWS with CDN.

Buyer Contact Details:

Name: **** **** *****
Company: ****** ***** *** ***
Contact Number : +** **** ****

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