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Looking For Photography Services

Service Category: Photography
Type of Vendor requested: Registered Business / Freelancer
Budget: Approximately $2000
Date Posted:
Time frame: As soon as possible
Purpose of Enquiry:
Purchasing Role of the Requester:The final decision maker
RFQ reference number:RFQ-1496406064-29566

What does the buyer wish to accomplish through this project?:

Taking around 100-150 visual assets of Singapore, in hi-res format, inclusive of post-processing. (this can be a mix of photography types)
Photos taken should speak of Singapore's people, culture and heritage, destination strengths, as well as a myriad of tourism offerings. A more detailed brief will be provided upon shortlist of vendors.

Additional Requirements:

Looking for a photographer who’s creative, able to look at things from a fresh & unique perspective (E.g. refer to: Lee Yik keat). The photographer must be flexible in style (will be required to take photos of different styles). Not really looking at who you’ve worked with, but what you’ve done (portfolio), most concerned with the quality of the work. You will be able to suggest interesting places for shoot. 60% street photography: show emotions through your photos. 40% Aerial (not obligatory), landscape & others, be creative.

**A detailed portfolio will be required to be considered, we want to see your creativity.

Additional Information for Potential vendors:

Rights to the photos will be owned by STB perpetually and also globally.

Project Specifications:


Buyer's Response

Purpose The destination assets developed will reside on STB Content Hub that is used to enhance and enable various destination marketing activities undertaken by the Board, such as, but not limited to: 1. Marketing communications via owned touchpoints and platforms 2. Public relations and communications 3. Integrated marketing campaigns launched by our Regional Offices (ROs) and Marketing Group for destination awareness, reinforce destination recall and driving conversation 4. Collaborating with travel trade and non-trade partners in-market to promote destination Singapore. It is also available to the public, globally for usage. STB will own perpetual and global rights to the images taken for this project.
Where will the photos be taken? Outdoors
What are you intending to take photos of? Others:
Please describe what you would like photographed: The photographs can cover a multitude of types that showcases Singapore as a vibrant and exciting destination: 1. Product or craftsmanship close-up shots that tells a human story behind the photo 2. Street/candid/mood type photography showing Singaporeans in-the-moment doing everyday things at key tourism locations and hidden gem places that is unique to Singapore (not staged) 3. Drone/Landscape/panorama - of buildings, architecture, civic landscape and nature
Do you need a model for the photoshoot? No
Format of Deliverables Digital, Online download
Duration 1-2 months
Time nil
Date 6 June

Buyer Contact Details:

We've received your quotation and have automatically submitted an email to the buyer to review it.

In the meantime, the contact details of the buyer are below for your reference

Name: Deanna
Company: Singapore Tourism Board
Email: [email protected]
Contact Number : 68313684

Note: This lead is open to vendors from Singapore only.

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