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Looking for Industrial Set-up Services

Service Category: Industrial Set-up
Type of Vendor requested: Registered Business Only
Budget: Approximately $$75,000
Date Posted:
Time frame: As soon as possible
Purpose of Enquiry: Committed to purchase
Purchasing Role of the Requester:Purchase decision will require the approval of a superior
RFQ reference number:RFQ-1519037290-62869

What does the buyer wish to accomplish through this project?:

Warehouse set-up

Additional Information for Potential vendors:

Project Requirements

About: To enable fast passage of authenticated users when entering and leaving a space 
Timeline: To be installed by end April 2018 in Singapore 

1. Turnstiles:
To be able to handle high volume of users 
Direction is one-way
Aesthetically pleasing 

Main entrance and Main exit: 
3 channels each for main entrance and main exit, 2 of which are normal lanes and 1 is wide for accessibility

Secondary entrance and secondary exit:
2 channels each for main entrance and main exit, 1 of which is a normal lane and 1 is wide for accessibility

Total qty: 10 channels
Every set of turnstiles to include a side gate which is manually locked (total qty: 4 side gates) 

2. QR code reader

1 QR code reader per turnstile
Authenticate QR codes by sending a request to our servers
Show error/alert if QR code is not authenticated

Description of Flow:
Entrance and Exit 
User accesses QR code generated by honestbee 
User scans a QR code on the QR code reader located on the turnstile 
If a party includes people with no smartphones, another person from the same party must scan their QR code multiple times 
QR code is read and authenticated
If QR code is not authenticated, the gate does not open

Supporting and Specifications Documents
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Project Specifications:


Buyer's Response

Purpose Equipment procurement
Type of Product/Service Turnstiles / Gantries
Location Warehouse
Duration -

Buyer Contact Details:

Name: **** **** *****
Company: ****** ***** *** ***
Contact Number : +** **** ****

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