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Looking For Video Production Services

Service Category: Video Production
Type of Vendor requested: Registered Business / Freelancer
Budget: Approximately $6000
Date Posted:
Time frame: Within 3 months
Purpose of Enquiry: Conducting initial research
Purchasing Role of the Requester:The final decision maker
RFQ reference number:RFQ-1541580678-91541

What does the buyer wish to accomplish through this project?:

We're an inclusive student care centre, looking to firm a video to be placed on our social media site & for events.

Project Specifications:


Buyer's Response

Purpose Corporate
Concept No, but there are some ideas.
Number of Videos 5 min - 10 min
Displayed on
  • Social Media
  • Website
  • Events, on-site
  • Not sure yet
  • At ad-hoc fundraising events
Additional Features
  • Music overlay
  • Voice over
  • Storyboard creation
  • Video editing
  • As suggested by the professional
  • Subtitles
Location 1 Sallim Rd Singapore 387621

Buyer Contact Details:

Name: **** **** *****
Company: ****** ***** *** ***
Contact Number : +** **** ****

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