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Looking For Event Organisers Services

Service Category: Event Organisers
Type of Vendor requested: Registered Business / Freelancer
Budget: Approximately $10000
Date Posted:
Time frame: 12pm - 6pm
Purpose of Enquiry: Planning to purchase if it fits my budget
Purchasing Role of the Requester:The final decision maker
RFQ reference number:RFQ-1565583676-126329

What does the buyer wish to accomplish through this project?:

Cryptocurrencies awareness roadshow, budget is around 10,000SGD, max 20,000SGD,
i need 6 - 8 booth for my sponsors to share their product, tables to display their brochures and product,
i need food and drinks, with beer will be good,
i need av support and DJ for music, i need mics for speakers to speak,
there will be slides too.
i need table for receptions, this is for freebies to be given
videography support and
the location must be in a crowded area, like shopping mall,
it will be a 2 day event from morning 12pm - 6pm, on a saturday and sunday2nd November 2019 Saturday

Additional Information for Potential vendors:

we need drinks to be given to our audiences,
we need snacks or food for our audiences, so they can eat on the go
Videography of events need to be fit for our channel on youtube and facebook
Photography of events will be for our audiences to share(Optional),
Reception table is needed to give our freebies to our audiences
6 - 8 booth is needed for our sponsors, booth needs to show display product
AV equipment is needed for our slides and our speakers sharing,
DJ is needed to create awareness to people
I need a MC to speak and attract attention(Optional)
Budget is around 15,000 SGD

Project Specifications:


Buyer's Response

Type of Event Roadshow
Purpose of Event Cryptocurrencies investment talk
Target Audience Everyone in singapore that is interested in investing
Duration 6 - 12 hours
Weekend(s) / Public Holiday(s) Yes
No. of Attendees More than 500
Event Venue No, venue booking assistance is needed.
Additional Features
  • Event Catering
  • Event Videography
  • Tentage/Logistics Rental
  • AV Equipment Rental
  • DJ
  • Event Venue Services
  • Event Decorating
  • Event Crew
  • Event Photography
  • Lightning Equipment Rentals
Deadline for Quotation Within 2 weeks

Buyer Contact Details:

Name: **** **** *****
Company: ****** ***** *** ***
Contact Number : +** **** ****

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